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        Filler Grade Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate CA-5

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        The products are a world first-class quality with Chinese domestic prices.

        Feature:                high whiteness, high brightness, high fineness white powder.

        Main Standard:   internal enterprise standard

        Cas No.:               7778-18-9

        Fineness:             500mesh

        Whiteness:           95%

        Certificated by:    ISO9001

        CA-5 selected natural gypsum ore in high temperature and are made by unique techniques such as roasting, removing impurities, ultrafine grinding and air separation process.

        Product Advantage:

        1.Good coloring and easy spread.

        2.Soft, low abrasion, easy processing.
        3.Good thermal stability, acid and alkali resistance, high dielectric properties.
        4.Fibrous powder, good impact resistance.

        Product Application:

        Can be instead of calcined kaolin, precipitated barium sulfate, and instead of part of the glass fiber materials, such as enhanced toughening modification filler material, the products of the strength, rigidity, surface hardness, acid resistance, weather resistance, thermal stability are improved, such as the filling effect is significantly superior to the similar modification filler material.

        To be the best calcium sulfate supplier of the world!

        ——CGC·LeiXin Gypsum


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