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        Pharm. Grade Dihydrate Calcium Sulfate PD-01

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        The products are a world first-class quality with Chinese domestic prices.

        Feature:                 odorless, tasteless, freeflowing white powder.

        Main Standard:    CP  BP  USP  EP

        Cas No.:                10101-41-4

        Fineness:              325 mesh

        Whiteness:            95%

        Certificated by:     ISO9001


        Leixin Gypsum Co.,Ltd. supply pharmaceutical grade calcium sulfate meet the standard of CP(2010 version), and at the same time can provide accord with BP, USP and multinational standard product. The product is used as medical excipients, including time release tablet coatings and medication diluents. We have stable quality, reasonable price, sufficient supply of goods and convenient transportation. Welcome for your selection.


        To be the best calcium sulfate supplier of the world!

        ——CGC·LeiXin Gypsum


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