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          In Jin Dynasty, there was a magistrate with magical power advanced, called Xu Xun. He can drive demons and treat patients. People like him as a fairy god, he is called "Xu Zhenjun". Once, because of the bad harvest, people can't afford to pay taxes. Xu Xun asks people to pick to the stone and then cast spells with finger, make stones into gold. People make up the taxes with the gold. This is the source of idiom "Midas touch".

          Entering new century, in Hubei the world of gypsum, a group of entrepreneurs based on natural gypsum deposit in one million as a career, with the choice of courage and wisdom of "Midas touch", become leixin Gypsum, change stone hill into gold hill!

          Looking forward to the future, Leixin Gypsum will be more professional technology, more high-quality products, excellent service to create the legend of "Midas touch"!


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